Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Photos, Updates and a Recipe!

I've been out taking pictures, these are from June 17th and June 21st. There's a dogwood from the next block over and a mystery flower that I'll have to rely on Hermana for ID'ing. The sepia land/seascape is the south end of Vashon Island, Gig Harbor over on the peninsula and beyond the Harbor are the Olympic Mountains.. The lovely heron was standing below the dock at the Silver Cloud in Tacoma and the rickety looking dock (it's not rickety--it just looks that way) stands at the bottom of McCarver Hill in Old Town Tacoma.
Tomorrow I'm driving around the Olympic Peninsula and I should be able to get some good photos.
My last day of work is coming up--Saturday the 28th of June. I tremble with joy.
And I have a recipe: I saw a recipe for garlic spears in the NYT last week and when I went to the farmers market this week there they were! Garlic spears as pretty as can be. They are the tops and unopened blossoms of the garlic bulb--you could put them in a vase and they'd be fabulous. But cooking them is better.
I got one bunch of garlic spears and one bunch of baby broccoli.
Washed and trimmed the lot and steamed them briefly with a little salt right on the veg.
Then plated them prettily and drizzled with olive oil and crumbled goat cheese.
I bet some sliced Maui or Walla Walla sweet onions would be a nice addition.
I have no political or religious remarks today because I'm feeling overwhelmed by those subjects just now.
George Carlin died, he was in his 70's. Tim Russert was my age. 58.
I wish I'd done more drugs.

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Hermana said...

I usually identify plants by their leaves and stems. The leaves on those plants look a bit like elongated Vinca leaves. However, the flowers do not. Vinca produces one flower from the stem at the leaf axils, not that spike of bell-like buds. Whatever you've got there, it's stumped me.