Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hospital Havoc

It is weird to read about the hospital from another point of view. It really does suck, no matter where you work at. Hell for me is The Missing Med Pager. That's right, ladies. ONE pager, for the ENTIRE hospital, that nurses page (repeatedly, incessantly) for things they don't have, can't find, do have but won't look, don't need, already paged twice for........ Needless to say I am not looking forward to work tonight because that pager is my responsibility. But, it is my Friday and I have a mantra I've been humming to myself at Rx: Every second that goes by is one less second I need to be here. It really works. As for sour nurses, they really ruin it for everyone. They give all the good nurses who you never here from a bad name. I wasn't in the mood for it one night and I kind of sassed a nurse on the phone. I can still remember her voice shrilling out "What is your name?! What is your name?!" Bite me, lady. "My name is CATHERINE." See where it gets you.

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Hermana said...

I LOVE hearing about things from the Pharmacy's perspective. We nurses are completely naive when it comes to departments like Pharmacy, Dietary, Housekeeping, Radiology...all of whom have vital jobs to do and limited resources with which to do it. It's good to hear from the other ranks. Keep it up!