Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Rainy Northwest Stream of Consciousness

Rain. Gray, cool, rain--they tell me it's good for the crops.
My cat was out all night while I was at work--he didn't think I leave him out but I'm not going to be chasing any cat when I'm trying to keep my scrubs clean and get to work on time. Anyway he was waiting at the door when I got home, ate a can of tuna and is in his basket now, snoring. It's only a cat snore--kind of an intermittent buzz. It makes me smile. I hate just calling him my cat, Ill call him Mu Bai, after Chow Yun Fat's character in Crouching Tiger. There's a radio personality out here who named her cat Evil Spock--isn't that great?
I'm off for 3 days!! What will I do? Laundry, of course, but then I'll have fun. I'll write about it later because right now I haven't got a clue.
Getting your nursing license back, Tia? Per diem money is very good these days. I've been thinking about letting my medical coverage lapse and just doing per diem--I'm not likely to do it but the reason I thought of it was because I was at the pharmacy a couple of weeks ago watching some old man ( a little older that me ) beg the pharmacist for his wife's Rx--Zyrtec, someone had told him she couldn't live without it and he was beside himself because insurance wouldn't pay for it (not generic yet). I will not be held hostage by insurance companies--I'll die first (probably). Wow, run-on sentences.
Pharmaceutical companies are always thinking of new idiocies to market and convincing MD's to write for the stuff--the MD's never think about these little old men and ladies being under the impression they'll die without the stuff pfft....
I'm tired and that incident made me angry.
And, what's wrong with being an intellectual?
And I'm ashamed of Hillary Clinton, what a sell-out.
Spare me. Although, the Eddy Arnold thing really was news to me, I thought he'd died long ago.
Boeing workers are upset that they may live for 20-30 years after they retire and prices will have gone up. Well...get a job!...or don't retire so godamed early.
Everything's pissing me off. I need 3 days off.
Goodnight! I love you!
By the way, the picture is of the Port Townsend Ferry, one summer, a few years ago.
Did you read S. Pinker's article about human dignity??

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