Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Brain Guys Says.....

.....that he thinks 'Sea Monkeys' are brine shrimp. If he's correct (and how could he NOT be with his big, blue brain in a bowl) then they're probably scavengers, like other shrimp. I could try to find some tiny freshwater shrimp, but I'm not sure I'd recognize them if I found them. I already need to wear two pairs of reading glasses at the same time in order to properly make out an individual duckweed plant. I should have gotten into freshwater biology before I developed presbyopia.
Yes, I did forget to mention the negotiations between 'Jose' (much better than 'Sweetie') and me regarding the minnow question. In a way, he's right. Minnows are vicious little buggers and we're lucky that they don't get any bigger than they do.
I was thinking about trying to find a water boatman. Remember them? They used to get into the pool and bite us. They look like an upside-down rowboat with two oars flicking around. I sure that they're predatory. I'm just not sure that they predate on snails.
Regarding the Stephen Pinker article you mentioned: No, I haven't read it yet. The last article of his that I read was the one about love amongst the beasts. So I don't know his thoughts on human dignity. I know my thoughts. Dignity is a quality that one must assume for oneself. Which is not to say that one group of people (Group A) cannot force indignities upon another group (Group B). But that would only diminish the personal dignities of the people in Group A, who would have proven themselves to be selfish and undignified pricks. Where can I find this article? I like to read Pinker's stuff.

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