Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Found the Owner!

What marvelous knickers! I'm so glad that they've been captured and displayed on this blog. (I was going to save this picture for an entry titled, "The End is Nigh", but I've found a better one for that.)
What really pissed me off about that 'Mars' article was that this guy was intimating that if there is no other life, then logically, there might be no 'Great Filter', no bottle-neck that we may or may not squeeze through on our next evolutionary step. And he was saying it like it was a good thing! He doesn't want the Phoenix Lander to find evidence of life on another planet, so that we may toddle along blissfully, unafraid of his hypothetical filter. Well, the filter exists! It's called 'Time and Space', and none of us who are reading this blog or speaking this language or breathing this atmosphere are ever going to pass through it.
I'm for LIFE. "Life on Mars. It's a Good Thing!"
- Hermana

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