Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Question from Left Field v.s Naivete

I was reading a review of Naomi Klein's book The Shock Doctrine http://dissentmagazine.org/article/?article=1172

and I want to know why globalization is a bad thing. Hasn't it already happened?
If it hasn't, isn't it inevitable?
Does it have to be Halliburton and their ilk that does the job?
Can't it be we the people of every nation that do it??
How would we do it? Are we doing it?
People will get hurt.
I love that line in '1776' when John Adams yells: 'this is a revolution, we have to offend somebody!'
I don't mean to be naive but the fact is that I haven't given this any thought or research up until now. I'll do some research but, Hermana, tell me what you think.
And in reference to my previous post: Am I daring to be daring simply because I have nothing to lose?
Or am I just overthinking the latest issue that I've stumbled over?

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