Thursday, May 15, 2008

I knew it wasn't just about the job....

...and the ball is rolling fast...

I do wish that there were some pictures of Sam Harris out there that didn't look like mug shots. Physically he's got this Richard Nixon thing going, I'm sorry, Sam, but it's true.

Otherwise, the man is spectacular.. Read this:

Read all of Sam's stuff.

No, its not just the job. I'm tired of being careful. I'm going to be like Mi Hermana. Our earlier correspondence:

Q: Don't panic..I'm just having what for me is a revolutionary thought. And since you're on the blog you should know this.
I'm thinking of declaring my regard for Sam Harris on the blog. This is probably a non-issue but I thought I should tell you since we might be put on a list
What do you think?

A: I'm already on lists, and since you're my sister, you probably are too. I take every opportunity I can to publicly avow my support for gays, illegal immigrants and the Constitution. I abhor the Christian Right, and I'm just as appalled by George Bush's (former) weekly consultations with Ted Haggard as I was with Ronald Reagan's tactical meetings with his astrologer! And just in case that's not enough to get me on a list, I regularly write to the Whitehouse in general, to Bush, to Cheney, to Senators Clinton and Shumer, to the New York Times, The National Review and HuffingtonPost, (though that's turned into such a gossip rag that I don't bother with it anymore.) about the criminal activities of our elected officials: Treason, war profiteering, torture and murder. And those are just the big ones. I don't even waste my time on ethics violations, gerrymandering and pork-barrel politics. I'm a card-carrying member of the ACLU, the NYCLU and Greenpeace. I ordered 'Steal This Book' and 'The Anarchist's Cookbook' from Amazon, for goodness sake. And I love Sam Harris! Feel free to post this on the blog. (I'd do it, but my 'cut and paste' isn't cooperating.)

Biocup One continues to be self-sustaining, though the milfoil is much shorter. The snails are eating it. I would eat it too. It looks delicious.

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