Friday, May 23, 2008

When I am Dead I Shall Wear Purple

I have a better name for Mad Madam Mim. Let's call her 'The Widow Twanky'. It fits because her whole life has been a pantomime. Remember when she was wearing the Old Man's clothes and claiming his chair as her private pew?
I have to tell you that right before Cherry Bomb became so volatile, she started wearing colorful clothing. Previously she was exclusively into earth tones: Beige, sage, taupe, oatmeal, dust...she was dun-colored. She should have had a sonnet written about her. When she started wearing pinks and yellows and bright blues I thought this was a good sign. It wasn't. It was a sign that she was entering a manic period, during which she would impulsively make many bad decisions and piss off her best friend. Be warned. You may start getting strange messages on your answering machine.
If you see Jake, remind him that HE thought up the title for this post.
- Hermana

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