Friday, May 23, 2008

Shadow's new wardrobe

This is someone else's rendition of a tough cat, but I gave him the tooth.
If Shadow gets a couple more tattoo's there won't be a problem with Bonkers Cat--or maybe this IS Bonkers Cat. Well, I feel confident that all will be well.
I love all the new names and I'll remember them. Especially Eladio--that's a great name--.
You are a Saint for sending the Cherry Bomb to Dr FeelGoodEnough.
That is friendship.
I'm keeping Mad Madam Mim of-her-husband's suits to myself. Last time I saw her though she was dressed in red fleece; top to toe. hmmm..
I'm too tired to risk writing very much. Good luck with the new kitty.
I'm sure Eladio will give Shadow double love as the work goes forward.

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