Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Look Who's Come to Play!!

Beautiful Girl, how wonderful that you've come! And you're not late to the party. Your Mom and I know that you are out in the world, busy with all the things we were busy doing a hundred years ago. We'll be happy to have you drop in whenever we can get you.
Vitriol, indeed! It runs in our veins. I think my blood is Type O-Vitriol. I suspect it's fairly common, especially in the elderly.
And our vitriol runs deep. My brain care specialist, Dr. FeelGoodEnough, has told me that I'd make the perfect terrorist. I'm courteous, amiable, non-threatening in appearance and behavior ( Unless provoked when, like Duko, I morph into Cthulu), able to make comforting small-talk to patients, and a good listener; very non-judgemental. But under the veneer, I'm Medea.
Our experience with the Big Tuna hasn't been a completely unblemished success but we're seeing definite progress. He even attempted to play a little today, (If you can imagine a walrus frolicking, you'll get the picture.) though he gave it up when Seven ran up the side of the wall expecting him to follow her. (Seven weighs 5 lbs to his 18lbs. She is very sweet and has a brain the size and consistency of a pitted olive. She also has a doll, which is named 'chicken', that she carries around the house with her. When she loses 'chicken', I say, "Where's 'chicken'? Where's 'chicken'?", and she runs around looking until she finds it. She loves everybody, the poor dope.)
I'll take pictures of BioCup One tonight. It's still chugging along with all inhabitants present and correct. (Even 'Augie', the segmented worm.) I've always wanted an aquarium but felt daunted by the tanks and filters and aerators: This is perfect for me. Of course, I can't keep any pretty fish but I'm happy with my snails.
I see we have no paragraphs again today. Even 'eBlogger' can be snarky.
- Tia Hermana

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