Saturday, May 24, 2008

WanderingL, rambling...

...and WonderingL deciding whether to send her letter of resignation a bit early--oh, by the way, I'm not wearing my glasses, mistakes may be made.
Next Day: Tired from too many nights at work. Lots of overtime but what good will it do me if I have a stroke for Pete's sake?
I love the Pacific NorthWest. Has everyone seen that a fourth foot has turned up on Vancouver Island?
This would be a great movie--a comedy. Although I doubt the reality of whatever is happening is the least bit funny
The Behemoth has beautiful eyes. How old is he? And how has Shadow reacted so far?
Hey, here's my resignation letter first draft:
"I'm outta here!
WanderingL, RN, FU"

...low and crass, unworthy of me.
I'll actually tell them that I'm leaving to pursue other interests.
Now I just have to decide which ones.

Five nights down, two to go. I'm in no state to blog today---I'd embarrass myself and I'm saving that for another day.
And so I leave ya'll

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