Thursday, May 15, 2008

pH (I love you. Ha, ha!)

I should probably go to CVS tomorrow and pick up some test strips to measure water pH. Then I can go test Lake Matilda and when I come home, I can test BioCup One, just to see if it's really okay. I've noticed that the snails seem to like crawling around on the chalk flint (from Chesil Beach) and I can't decide if they just like calcium carbonate because they have shells, or if they need calcium carbonate because the water is too acidic and may dissolve their shells away. I can't believe that I'm treating this cup like a patient! But the urge to 'tweak' is strong, and I DO need some more milfoil.

Wouldn't you know it? I just get finished dissing HuffPo and then you send me that wonderful essay by Sam Harris that Arianna was gutsy enough to publish. I feel ashamed.

Have you read 'Letter to a Christian Nation' yet? I have it on audio and, though I was disappointed that he didn't narrate it himself, (He has a really good speaking voice. I heard him on The Four Horsemen) the guy who does the reading sounds enough like him to not screw up my mental picture. (Have you heard what Chris Hitchens has to say on the subject of Tariq Ramadan? What a pisser!)

I have to start reading the news again. I've cooled off on 'news' because it's all about which Democrat can sling more mud. I'm tired of that poop. It has about as much relevance as 'American Idol' and is just as boring.

Speaking of politics, I think I may have found my perfect predator. Leeches! They're not voraciously destructive and they're invertebrates. I'm not biased against creatures with backbones, but they're more complicated and active, requiring more food and space than my little cup can provide. I hope Lake Matilda has some nice leeches!

- Maggie

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