Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Neighbor's Cat and other issues

Hello and good afternoon. I'm going to sleep after a fine sunny morning of walking thru the North Slope District and Point Defiance with my neighbor, Jean.
The fine looking feline is Sammy. Sammy is 10+ years old and a well traveled cat, she also speaks and expects old ladies to understand her. I certainly do not. But Sammy is magnificent, stately and sure of herself--A Grande Dame and I give her all due reverence. More below.

These pictures are the ones taken today while we walked around and enjoyed the fine breeze and the bright sunshine. Not too warm and a bit of a breeze but invigorating to be out in. Very alive
I don't have much to report trip-wise. I continue to sort thru my stuff to find the true necessaries. I'm wondering if I should let the travel company find me an apartment or if I should find my own and just take my stuff with me (after I've reduced it to its final mass). I'll keep speculating on it but right now I've got to get some sleep---work tonite.

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