Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jake: To the Right of Sanity

I don't know if Jake will come here. I think he has limited access to the Internet considering he uses his computer for gaming only. But he slowly takes on technology, so there is hope. After all, he is the one who got me text messaging so much. Although, most of his messages say things like "Head explode" or "Have Ebola. In dump truck." But I will let him read it. He will be down to visit this weekend because I finally have days off! Yippee! Last night was very busy as we had (I had) three new chemos to mix. Two more days and then 5 days off. Mom, it is almost Anthony Bourdain time! Very exciting. Did you know he broke up with his wife and married a 22 year old? What? Jake is wanting to buy tickets to Bobby's wedding this fall, so we will look into that too. I don't think I can go, although I feel bad about this, I rather save that money and go meet my new niece in Florida come April. Tammy's (Chris' sister's) baby will be 6 months old by then. I'll be an aunt! How do you like that Tia Hermana? I dream of the day I can drive the little girl to a botanical garden while she plays Bruce Springsteen's 'I'm on Fire' on the kazoo. I love you both. Off for a run. That's right, a RUN. Who's been doing her knee exercises? I have!

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