Saturday, May 17, 2008

Anyway, the Romans stole everything from the Greeks and the Etruscans. They didn't even have enough imagination to make up their own Gods. They just gave new names to Greek ones. It was their lack of imagination made them such marvelous bureaucrats.

Don't you just hate this picture? (see above) It makes me want to slap Zeus right in his big, smug, hairy face. (And it makes me want to tell Thetis that she should wise up and get herself an MBA and a 401K plan.)

89 DEGREES??? Holy shit, that's HOT! It's nice here; a little cloudy but very pleasant otherwise. I should have put the rest of my tomato plants in today (Beefsteaks and Sweet One Hundreds) but I said "nah". I'll do it tomorrow.

Tonight I'll post the new pictures of BioCup. You'll be able to see Big Ethel. Duko likes Big Ethel (especially when Ethel's in 'zeppelin' mode) and wants her to come out of the cup to play. I'll have to put the fence back up again. I took it down when I put my orchids outside but I can't have Duko ruining my experiment. Damn cat.

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