Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hot Damn!

One reply affirmative. We'll all be happy and suprised at the result. Maybe a little pissed off, as well. The road will be more traveled any day now. The observations from those who travel will keep the road to the American SouthWest lush with occasionally personal issues; mostly topical to to place and what the place evokes or provokes in the travelers.
Here is the reply from family member #1, Tia Hermana, Tia will be in charge of the color commentary--some of it may be blue. I asked what name she will blog by and here you have it.
" My first pick would be Radical/Atheist/Femi-Nazi, but I hate to constrain myself with labels. I would call myself Gussie Fink-Nottle, because he liked newts, but as Bertie said, "Jeeves, I will not stand for this! I'm not awake. I haven't had my tea, and yet you bring me Fink-Nottles!" I will be 'Tia Hermana', because I'm an aunt and a sister and a Spic, and proud of it!"
Brava and gracias, dear Tia
More tomorrow.