Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bitch, bitch, bitch

That would be me. In my opinionated and ranting mode.
Re: patients and nurses--just how much compassion is necessary? Is it enough take good care of them? Do you have to ooo and ahhh over them?
Can a nurse do for a patient but reserve indications of sympathy/empathy/approval?
That is: do the work but in a reserved manner short of radiating disapproval.
I think so.
I don't know if its the weather or my age or what but I'm tired of whiny smokers/drinkers/gluttons/addicts of any form.
I don't mind if you have vices--everybody does--vices are what makes the world go round--but don't come crying to me when they catch up with you. I'm particularly non-fond of the middle-aged individual who's finally hit the wall. Too much of something has aged or damaged them and in they come weeping about how unfair it is: Why me? It hurts. The food here sucks. I won't take that medication. I won't do that therapy. Well, then why on earth did you come to the hospital? Why on earth did you see a doctor? So you could have an audience?
If the persons I refer to were of below average intelligence or demented or had grown up without benefit of newspapers or TV I would be able to understand the Holy Cowness of their incredulity but these are your everyday working people who are out in the world and on the internet--who have probably lost parents and grandparents---never thinking that they also are part of this world with all its joys and sorrows.
I've gotten old and bitter. Give me the hard living reprobate every time--the one who appreciates that he's gotten the chance to live at all. Give me the 46 year old teacher with end stage cancer who tells me that now he's teaching his children how to finish life --and then does it. With good humor and flair! How hard is that!?
Go home with your bitching and crying. I have real people to take care of.

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