Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Leaving town--Moving the line

Today I add two photos that I like a lot. They're not good pictures but I'm happy when I look at them...so there you have it.
As for my plan to leave town, it's been considerably refined since I first made the decision. Here's how it stands:
I'm going to be handing in my resignation on July 1st, effective August 9th, 2008. In that letter I'll state that I will be available to take per Diem work beginning September 1st. I'll see what happens. My objective is to be free of institutional say so over my time off, I've worked for 40 years and these remaining years are mine.
In addition, I find it repugnant that insurance agencies hold such power over us with the threat of with-holding health benefits if we don't behave in the way their actuaries have found to be profitable for those insurance companies. I'm very fortunate to be able to carry my own benefits, but I only do it because my family already considers me a loose cannon (they are correct) and I don't want them having to deal with DSHS if I fall apart before Medicare kicks in..
I've been looking into medical staffing agencies and there's one that I particularly like, I'll sign on with them for per Diem work; they staff for local institutions and when the winter comes they'll send me south to Arizona or California to work until the sun rises again in Tacoma.
I'm going to keep my apartment here. Moving, storage, relocating, unstoring and moving again will run into a bundle, so, I'll keep this lovely, affordable home and carry the rent for 3 or 4 months out of each year.
Once again, I have to say that I'm very fortunate. I have a portable job that pays well and I'm not responsible for anyone but my cat.
Further reworking of the plan is sure to come. This is only what I think today.

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