Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This is Chuck of Pool's photo but its so pretty

..that I use it to illustrate this morning in Tacoma. Gray but hopeful.
Hey, Hermana, what a great tirade about the globalization question. And that picture is beautiful.
The globalization thing is kind of crazy--I thought maybe I was missing something important but you straightened me out good. Stuff just naturally gets around this small world. Wind, weather, birds, planes, coconuts, megalomaniacs. We all just breeze through life for this tiny amount of time; as a species we should be more particular about what we get hysterical over. The intellectual question bothers me as well. Why do you suppose that the USA is anti-intellectual?--I think its a good thing to look around and be interested in what you see. I KNOW it is. What's so scary about it?
And what's wrong with elite? Everybody is some kind of elite. You wouldn't want to be an elite serial killer. But an elite assassin might be profitable. An elite good ole boy--it worked for GWB. I could go on.
Is it a jealousy thing? Don't Republicans and Christian fundamentalists go to college? Don't they take literature courses?, don't they study western civilization? Comparative religions? Oh, maybe not that.
I've run out of words---I'd better get some sleep.
PHOTO thanks to Charles Winpenny.

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GypsyJ said...

The photo is beautiful. Tacoma has been doing its best to be gray, with tiny, hopeful glimmers of light breaking through a few times a day. Will this be the year that summer doesn't make it here? Or maybe it will be a scorcher once the current weather moves on. I sure would like to see the sun again!

Anti-intellectual may be anathema to the Good Ol' USA and its governing bodies. The more one knows about a subject, object or sentient creature, the less they fear - think of snakes. Not all that bad, really and very interesting creatures, but many are paralyzed by fear just at the sight of one on TV. How hard it is to control a person who has little fear reaction to some highly touted threat (communists, the bomb, terrorists)that is targeted at gaining more and greater control over a chunk of disturbed and distracted citizens. But it is hard to put forth a belief that this country has the top biologists, physicists, rocket scientists, etc. if it also wants to be anti-intellectual. At any rate, the intellectuals seem to be among the first to be "sacrificed" when things get nasty towards the public with military actions and those in power want to get greater control of the people.

I think it is our duty to be as intellectually inclined as possible, however, we may need to keep quiet in some circles about it.