Tuesday, May 27, 2008

And They Said She'd Never Fly. Hah!

Click for larger image.

This is Big Ethel in mid-flight. To approximate her speed, imagine that she blew her ballast and began rising from the bottom, traversing 5 inches vertically in the amount of time it takes to say 'Jambalaya'. She's fast. She can descend that quickly as well. (The fistula needle tubing is for when I want to draw a water sample.) " BioCup still smells fine, the water is clear and I'll have to go back to Lake Matilda tomorrow because that's the last of the eurasian milfoil. And that indistinct fuzzy thing on the desk in the mid-right side of the picture is 'chicken'. (Seven keeps wanting me to throw it so she can bring it back to me. I've had to kidnap it from her.)

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