Friday, May 9, 2008

I'm in, Tia!!

And this is how happy I am to be back.
The Blog she lives!
I'm home right now looking out at the sunny Tacoma day. I took some photos of the courtyard yesterday but I'm too tired to squeeze them out of the camera right now. Tomorrow will be a better posting day because I'll have my wits about me after a night's sleep.
I understand about the mountain complaining to the molehill--the Turnblad syndrome--the poor thing has become mired in herself. You may have to slap her around.
Hermana, I love the blog. I'm in a pretty good mood right now so I can't think of anything inflammatory to say.
It was empolyee appreciation day at work so the charge nurse made sure we all got down to the special dinner. Taco salad with plenty of red onions, barbeque beef, pulled pork, cow pattie cookies as big as a dinner plate---at 2 o'clock in the morning---that stuff would have been terrific on a sunny day like this but at 2AM in the bowels of the institution it only looked deadly. So the next day was Nurses appreciation week and we all got umbrellas with the institution logo on them--the better to get to work with here in the rainy Northwest. Ah, well, it was nice to be fussed over for a bit. And I'm glad to be back on the blog.
Send me another invite just in case it won't let me back on.
I'll talk to you tomorrow

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