Sunday, May 25, 2008


The 'cat' is here. I say 'cat' because he's clearly not a St. Bernard, though he does approximate one in size. And he's obviously not a wolverine, though his attitude would suggest that he is. He's only slapped me once and he kindly kept his claws sheathed. (It was like being bopped with the large end of a turkey leg. When I first met him at the vet's, two techs carried him into the room at arm's length, wearing thick leather gloves with matching gauntlets. It wasn't an image to inspire optimism.)

He hasn't been allowed out of his cages yet (the dog crate was too small for him (!) so I've had to add an addition: I'm using the cage that served as Duko's 'time-out' room back when she was impolite.) We all slept with him last night. I put the couch cushions on the floor next to him and Shadow slept there with me. The two girls slept on top of his cages. I went to sleep with my fingers through the bars and he woke me up around 2:00am because he was playing with them. Progress! One more day and night in the cages and then I'll try letting him out for brief periods. Fingers crossed!

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