Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Basement tasks

Traveling well requires thorough preparation. My aim is to travel lightly and after many years on earth God knows I have enough stuff. So, I'll need to whittle it down to the essentials. Today I started getting rid of the non-essentials--which is hard to do--after hanging around with all this for so long my perspective is off. It takes some re-orientation, some hard deciding, some brain shifting...hmmmm, living in the American Southwest may not require so many umbrellas. After being single for so long and the mother of grown up children--maybe not so many pots and pans.
Lighter more colorful clothing will be appropriate but I'm not buying any. I'll get what I need when I arrive. Furniture--the kids most likely have enough of their own although my son may be able to use some.
Well, that's what I started today.
I also updated my resume and got it out to places that I'm interested in.
I'm thinking about how to travel with my cat--3 days in the car. He'll be unhappy but he's coming along.
Divestiture, I'm yours.

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