Saturday, May 17, 2008


You can post LINKS to articles: You can't fill up your blog post with the text of the article. (This does not apply to lengthy quotations or poetry.) I want to hear your words. I want to peek into your mind. To be fair, you did write three paragraphs, so I really shouldn't moan about it. And the fact is that I've been dying to use this picture, so I took the first opportunity. It's great, isn't it?

I had a dream last night. You and I were going to some sort of ceremony and we had to pick out the jewelry we wanted to wear. The jewelry was all mounted on a wall (probably a reference to our visit to Metropolitan Museum of Art last year.) But it was all ultra-modern stuff, angular and bulky, and made of titanium and brushed steel. And Dad was there. He looked great! He was walking down a ramp, and he had a big, proud smile when he saw us. Brooke Shields was there, as was the Dutchess of York and Ed Begley, Jr. It was weird!

There's a good video on . It's him and Lawrence Krauss chatting onstage. Watch the QuikTime 'discussion' part. It runs almost an hour. I didn't watch the second video, which was a Q&A with the audience. (Depending on who the audience consists of I sometimes get embarrassed by the pointlessness of the questions.) I used Freecorder to download the audio so I can put it on my mp3 player and listen to it in the car.
I took some pictures of BioCup One, using my antiquated, first-generation, steam-powered digital camera. They came out better than the one I took with my phone. I've added more milfoil to the cup and given names to three of my five snails. They are, in order of descending size, Big Ethel, Large Marge, and Mary Lou Retton (That one's too long a story). The cup looks very vibrant, though as expected, all the mosquito and gnat larvae are gone now. And something that I initially identified as a big beetle larva (about 1.5 cm in length) is probably an annelid. It's very active and shows no sign of turning into anything else. Also, it takes trips from the bottom of the cup all the way up to the wall above the level of the water. I was hoping it might be a leech, but I think it's just a plain old segmented worm. Hey, you should see Big Ethel when she decides to surface. Sometimes she just slides up the side of the cup but others times she blows her ballast (however she manages that) and floats up like a hot air balloon.
BUGGER! My paragraphs are gone again! (They disappeared right in the middle of my post.) I'm going to figure this out if it takes me til the crack of doom!

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