Friday, May 30, 2008

Today I Post, For Tommorrow...I MOW!

  • Look! It's Albrecht Durer's backyard!

  • I MUST have paragraphs, so I'll make my own, using this handy-dandy bulleted list feature. Don't panic! Those are NOT spots before your eyes. (Well, they are, but I put them there.)
  • There's a downside to having had a wonderful, long phone chat with your sister the night before you post on your mutual blog: We talked about so much that I can't think of anything new! I'll have to go read the paper and see if there's anything in it that's horrible enough to inspire comment. I'm at my most articulate when describing something outrageous or disgusting. Presently, WanderingL has the market cornered on 'disgusting'.

  • -Hermana

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