Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Good Morning!!

Well, it's a lovely day out here in the Northeast. My herbs have all sprouted, my tomatoes are ready to be tucked into the soil and we are all still alive. It doesn't get much better than that.
It's too bad that I feel so tired. Having spent the money to renew my nursing license (and that blasted infection control course!) I've decided that I'm definitely going to go back to work. At least I'll be getting paid for working.
I figure that I'll go back to work around the beginning of August, thereby beating the rush of nurses who've taken the summer off to be on vacation with their children. I'll have to work 2nd shift, because I can't entirely abandon Cancer Friend and my mother-in-law. I start getting tired of summer around August anyway; it's too hot to play in the yard, so what's the point? If I ruled the world, September would start immediately after July. August is the 'February' of summer. Who needs it?
- Tia Hermana

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