Saturday, May 10, 2008


These are from yesterday morning.
Tough place to leave but after 6 years in my hobbitt hole there is no other option--I'll just wait until autumn when it's getting ugly before I drive away.
It's 1 am May 10th. I'm fully awake--that's what night work will do to you. I live like a vampire--actually more like a gopher--sticking my head out to squint at the sun.
Tonite I'll do a little laundry and poke around the apartment sorting through stuff; deciding what to keep and what to leave behind. Then, in the morning, Jean ( my upstairs neighbor) and I are going for a walk around the neighborhood--it's supposed to rain but I'll get some photos - even wet days in the spring are beautiful.
I've gotten quite a few calls from recruiters since I sent my resume out--there's lots of work in Arizona and Southern California. One agency tells me that there's a really great opportunity in eastern Maine. Maine? One of the truly beautiful states to be sure but it doesn't attract me October thru April. Neither does Florida, I think Florida has too many East Coast connotations -- it just fills up with folks from NY and NJ during the winter. This doesn't help me though--you can't go through life--especially the latter part of your life -- making decisions based on connotations and implications -- on what you thought or felt about something. Maybe a winter in Maine is just what I need to clear my brains.
I think I'll try something less harsh though. A winter in the desert.

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