Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I got it all wrong.

In re-reading TG's post I find that she isn't going to the Desert of Lop at all (no rock for me). It's seems, like Toby Tyler, that she's running off to join the circus. Bad time for it. I hear that the elephants are organizing; look for the Union Label on that ear tag. Oh, and if the circus is anywhere near Montauk after Labor Day, let me know and I'll make reservations.

Do I sound jealous? Well, I am! I can't go anywhere, with or without cats, because I have a dreadful fear of airports. I fear that I might mouth off to some Eichmann-like TSA agent who may not like my choice of reading material. I may decide to bring the 'Anarchist's Cookbook with me. And a crossword from that Commie rag, The New York Times. Before I fly again, I'm watching "Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay".

This is a reasonable representation of my cat, Duko. The girl in the blue dress (Alice something) is Duko's vet. There's a sort of sad irony that the vet is allergic to Duko and must diagnose out of paw's reach.

Duko looks like a good traveling companion, no?

- Tia Hermana

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